Immersive Display

Large-Area, High-Resolution Stereoscopic Display: The Augmentarium features a 24-foot wide by 8-foot high rear-projection screen that curves along 180 degrees. This is rear-projected by a three-high and five-wide array of projectors along the curved screen. The 15 projectors are driven by a Mercury GPU408 4U server with dual E5-2620 v2 2.10 GHz six-core 80W processors, 64GB DDR3 memory, 512GB Samsung 850 pro SSD, four K6000 GPUs, and a Quadrosync card running the Windows operating system. We have merged the 15 projectors into a single usable stereoscopic desktop interface using NVIDIA’s Mosaic software and 3D Vision Pro kits. The main advantage of this approach is that the display is controlled as a single desktop on a single powerful workstation, on which our researchers can employ the latest graphics and visualization technologies without any significant customization.