VR and AR Headsets

Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets: The lab’s Oculus headsets are configured for group virtual reality demonstrations. A single powerful workstation with an NVIDIA K6000 GPU drives the headset and displays to a Samsung DM75D LED Panel. In this configuration, a single user can wear and experience the headset, while others can watch the experience on a large LED display panel. Eight additional Oculus headsets have been deployed to support our Computer Science Connect (CompSciConnect) AR/VR education program for young women.
MetaAR: The lab also employs a stereo MetaAR headset (https://www.getameta.com) for experimentation with current augmented reality technologies, with 960 x 540 resolution on each eye, and a field of view of 23 degrees.
Vuzix: We’re also using the audio-enabled AR headset Vuzix, with 852 x 480 resolution on each eye, and a field of view of 35 degrees. Like the MetaAR, the Vuzix allows for gesture recognition and basic tracking.
Our In-House Augmented Reality Headset: Students in the lab have built an augmented reality system with the Oculus headsets and a machine vision camera. The prototype, OculAR, includes two Point Grey Flea3 3.2 MP Color USB 3.0 cameras, a custom 3D-printed bracket, and an Oculus headset.